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Your vehicle’s brakes and suspension systems are critical safety components. Problems with these integral parts of your vehicle can affect overall safety and performance. Dixie Buick GMC Truck provides auto brake and suspension repairs and replacement services in the Fort Myers and Estero, FL areas. We inspect your brakes and suspension system for every problem, from worn brake pads to failing struts. Our experienced company has served the community since 1934. You know you’re in the best possible hands with our certified factory-trained technicians. Contact us today! 

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Common Auto Brake Repair Issues

Your vehicle’s brakes face excessive wear and tear on the road. They wear down over time as you stop and go. The most common car brake issues we repair include the following: 

  • Worn Brake Pads – Brake pads have an indicator that makes contact with the rotor and produces a high noise when they start to wear thin. If you hear squealing, it’s time to replace your brake pads. If you hear a grinding sound, the brake pads have worn through completely and are at risk of damaging the rotors.
  • Loss of Hydraulic Pressure  When you push your brake pads, you use hydraulic pressure to push them against the rotors. A leak in the hydraulic system will cause a loss of hydraulic pressure that doesn’t provide stopping power. 
  • Damaged Rotor  When rotors are exposed to stressful road conditions like towing, they may warp and cause the vehicle to shake.
  • Worn Brake Shoes  When disc brakes wear down, you will hear a squealing sound. They make a grinding sound like worn brake pads when they are completely worn through.

Common Auto Suspension Issues

Your vehicle’s suspension system should maximize the contact between the tires and the road and provide steering stability. When your car suspension system is off, your vehicle will signal you. The most common auto suspension issues include: 

  • Uneven Tire Wear – If your suspension system starts to fail, the wheels will not hold evenly on the road and will begin to wear down your tires unevenly.
  • Worn Struts – Worn shocks and struts will cause excessive bouncing while driving.
  • Leaking Shocks – You may notice oil leaking when your car is parked, indicating it’s time to replace your shocks.
  • Bad Spring Coils – Spring coils are durable but can cause your car to lean heavily to one side if broken.

High-Quality Auto Parts

Our parts department is your supplier of factory OEM parts and will supply the exact auto parts you need for your vehicle. We have all parts used by the manufacturers of Buick GMCs. When you need new brakes or a suspension system, we’re here for you. We always keep a large variety of parts in stock. If we don’t have it, we will order it. 

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Our Service Center is here for all your brakes and suspension needs. Our Buick GMC-certified mechanics and technicians will work diligently to find the root of your trouble and offer a fast solution. You can trust us with your vehicle. Schedule service today with our convenient online scheduling tool. Contact us with any questions!

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