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Your vehicle's engine is the most essential part of your car. The engine transforms energy from the fuel with a spark that creates the power to move. The engine is made of multiple components that work together to ensure your car performs well. Dixie Buick GMC Truck provides engine repair services and parts for vehicles in the Fort Myers and Estero, FL areas. We'll help you understand your vehicle's engine and what you need to run it at optimal levels. Our experienced team has helped vehicle owners with service and parts since 1934. Let us help you! 

Get to Know Your Engine

Our service team knows car engines like the back of our hands. Your car engine is designed around a sealed metal cylinder. The multiple cylinders open and close to bring in fuel that combines with the spark for burning internally, releasing the exhaust gas. The engine is made up of the following:

  • Engine Block – This engine core is typically made of aluminum or iron. The holes in your engine block contain the cylinders and provide water and oil flow paths to lubricate and cool the engine.
  • Timing Belt – The timing belt is made of heavy-duty rubber and works with the crankshaft and camshaft to ensure the engine runs properly.
  • Pistons – Pistons transfer energy to the crankshaft to propel the vehicle. The piston has internal piston rings that help create compression, reducing friction from the constant rubbing of the cylinder. 
  • Crankshaft – The crankshaft turns the pistons up and down for the engine's proper operation.
  • Camshaft – A camshaft activates and regulates the cylinder's intake and exhaust valves. 
  • Cylinder Head – The cylinder head includes lifters, valve springs, rockers, pushrods, and camshafts to control the passage of airflow.
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Common Engine Problems

Our team of experienced car engine repair technicians will diagnose the cause of your engine issues and repair them. The most common engine problems include: 

  • Poor Compression – If your engine doesn't have power or misfires, it could indicate poor compression. 
  • Damaged Pistons or Cylinders – You may have damaged rings, pistons, or cylinders if you hear rattling sounds or see blue smoke from the exhaust.
  • Damaged Rods or Bearings – Worn-down rods, pins, and bearings often cause tapping or ticking sounds, metal shavings, or low oil pressure.
  • Cracked Engine Block – A damaged engine block causes overheating, coolant leaks, and smoke coming from the exhaust.

Why Trust Dixie Buick GMC Truck?

Dixie Buick GMC Truck is your premier location for new and pre-owned vehicle needs. We have an award-winning team that understands what it takes to properly maintain a vehicle. Our certified factory-trained technicians provide car engine repair and parts that exceed expectations. We are always here for you!

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The Dixie Buick GMC Truck team understands that vehicle engines are complicated, but they have the simple task of propelling your vehicle forward. The parts must work together correctly to create the motion that moves them. Our highly qualified service team ensures you get the most from your engine. You can trust us with your service needs, and we ensure you always get the best performance out of your vehicle. Schedule an appointment today with our online scheduling tool.

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