GMC Leasing vs Buying

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So you’ve found your perfect GMC vehicle—what comes next? To lock down your vehicle you’ll have to decide between financing or signing a GMC lease. The differing financial ramifications can come as a surprise to some new drivers, so we here at Dixie Buick GMC want to set the record straight. Let’s take a trip through buying and leasing to set you on the path that suits you.

Buying Your Vehicle

If you’ve got eyes on long-term ownership of your next vehicle, then financing is your best option. Dixie Buick GMC offers in-house financing options and experts who can walk you through the process.

Financing your next vehicle begins with pre-approval, which should be secured before shopping as it informs your overall budget. After you’ve been pre-approved and you’ve found a vehicle that you want, only a down payment stands between you and your next ride.

The down payment will be much larger than a security deposit for a lease, so be sure to adequately prepare your finances! Rotating GMC specials can help you secure the perfect ride for you, be it new, used, or Certified Pre-Owned.

Leasing Your Vehicle

Leasing offers you the chance to enjoy the experience provided by a new GMC vehicle without the worry of long-term financing and care. Financing can last as long as seven years, but most lease terms last only three.

While leasing, you’ll be paying less monthly than if you were making monthly loan payments. This reduction in price allows you to choose from a greater selection of vehicles, but of course, this transaction doesn’t last forever. When your lease period ends, you will return the vehicle to our dealership, and have the option to lease a new one.

Leasing will also come with a mileage limit and fees for excessive wear and tear, so it’s important to read the terms of your agreement to avoid any extra expenses when you return your vehicle.

Start a GMC Lease or Loan at Dixie Buick GMC

Any lingering questions you may have should be directed to our GMC financing team here at Dixie Buick GMC, so make sure to reach out before or during your visit! Our team can help you secure your next vehicle during your visit, whether you want to finance or lease. Visit us today to get started.